The Story....

A "reader's digest" version....


God created me in his image.  God is thought, as am I.  He created me with the ability to create like him. I am all powerful, as He is.  We live together eternally in love, in joy and in  peace.  Once, I had a thought that did not fit...but I forgot to laugh at it.  I thought....wouldn't differences be great?  Wouldn't it be nice if all thoughts could be special?  And from those musings, this world was made. 

With the making of this world came great guilt, because I knew that God set the rules for creation, and God's Will is that all of his creations share all things,  are united, and live in peace and joy eternally.

So in the dream world I created, I made a hiding place, where I could escape from the wrath of my Father, whose Will I believe I usurped.

I made an ego to house my 'special' separate selves.  And I made a body to house my ego. I made many rules and a system of thought which made it close to impossible for me to realize that everything I was making was an illusion.  Some of those rules / segments of the thought system are:

  • I am a body, and my mission is to make my body, and the bodies of those I love, safe, comfortable, healthy, and happy.
  • I am not in control of my life.  External forces can swoop in at any time and I must be prepared to defend myself against them.


However, while this is all very interesting, God did not Will that His son be separate.  And so he placed in the mind of His son the Holy Spirit to light his way home.

This world is an illusion.  We did not really ever separate from God.  We are not bodies.  We are not guilty, evil, selfish or any of the other characteristics of specialness.  We are as we were created, God's perfect creations.  We need do nothing but remember this.