About Me


We all take different roads, we all get to the same place. This has been my path to date.

I started with Tony Robbins. The most valuable lesson I learned from him is that I chose my beliefs and my values, and therefore, it is well within my power to change them. There was no spiritual component to my studies with Tony Robbins. I was unhappy with my critical and demanding side, and wished to change. During my time with Tony Robbins, I believed that the purpose of life was about making lots of money, spending lots of money, having lots of things.


Carolyn Myss came when I was 47. Energy Anatomy. For me, she could have stopped after this program, as I have not found her other work to be helpful or inspirational. From this, I learned to look at life from other sides.


After listening to Carolyn Myss nonstop for several months, Eckhart Tolle came next. The Power of Now. So helpful in identifying and eliminating the repetitive non productive thoughts.


The next major influence was the Course in Miracles. So many major lessons. I was inspired to work with this for about three and a half years, after which it lost it's fascination...by then I had absorbed what I needed to absorb from the program. My strong belief is that talking about the Course in Miracles is interesting...doing the lessons is life changing. Things I was able to do....release judgment of myself and others to a great degree. I started to embrace the idea that there is no scarcity. I was able to comprehend that God (or Source, or the Universe) loves me, and everyone else on this planet. I began to embrace the idea that I am limitless.


Which lead me to the Abraham work. I have absorbed this like a sponge. I love it. It has all of the concepts that are in a Course in Miracles, but so much lighter. So much easier to arrive at joy. Did I need the Course first? I did. I am very grateful for all the material that has brought me where I am today.


Am I there yet? Of course not. Life is a journey. There is always more to find. More joy. More love. More abundance. As Abraham says, that's what puts the eternalness in eternity!


I'd love to hear of your path. You can contact me at mr@clearpathinspiration.com.