To date, there has been no body of work that I have discovered that has been more comprehensive, more relevant, or more effective as a seekers guide to a joyful life than the Abraham/Hicks material.

The work done by Abraham/Hicks spans decades and is quite extensive. It seems improbable that it would be possible to be a seeker these days without feeling the influence of the Abraham/Hicks material. Many of today's popular "new age" authors have been influenced by their teachings.

So why internalize the Abraham/Hicks material? If you are like me, you feel that it is important to go straight to the source. By ingesting the Abraham/Hicks material directly, you do not get the material filtered through the belief system of another. And this is important. The best recent example is contained in the book "Co-creating at Its Best - A Conversation Between Master Teachers". In this book, it clearly shows that we hear what we can in the teachings, given our basic belief structure. So....it is helpful to read/listen to the material time and time again, as new insights are found in every visit.

These pages are not meant to capture all of the concepts... but to provide just a taste to whet your appetite. In the Resources section, there are links to many places where you can find more.