Abraham In A Nutshell


The following twelve points are right out of the insert in the Abraham DVDs:


According to Abraham....

There is nothing more important than that I feel good. I came here to expand. I am a creator. I have constant guidance, and that guidance is in the form of my emotions. If I am feeling anything south of joy, I am thinking of things the way my creator would not. (see the "Emotional Guidance Scale" for information on this all powerful guidance system)


I am not here to FIX anything, nothing is broken.


I am not here to FIX anyone, or to carry anyone on my shoulders.

As a lifetime, "Giver" who has always feared that lifetime takers would suck me dry, I Love these quotes....

"Each person has their own Source calling them into their Vortex. If Soure can not get them there, what makes you think you can?"

"There is not enough you can throw at someone who is not in the Vortex to make it stick."