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One of the beautiful things about a belief is that it can not be proven. It is based on faith...not fact. I choose each belief that I hold, and I can decide to change what I believe and think whenever I want to. I'm sure that each belief I hold served me at one time. Some beliefs are now so basic to who I think I am that I don't even know that they are constructs that I can examine and change. I will continue throughout my life to identify all the beliefs I hold near, and examine them. This document is one such attempt.

Since beliefs can not be proven....and if a goal in life is to be happy, then I want all of my beliefs to support a happy life! These are the beliefs that now guide me...

  • I create my experience.
  • All things are possible when I am in alignment with Source.
  • The purpose of my life is to experience joy in a physical plane.
  • I am loved.
  • I am safe.
  • I am eternal.
  • I am guided.

How I Create My Reality

My thoughts create my reality. My beliefs greatly influence my thoughts. There are WAY too many thoughts that float through my mind to examine each one. A more effective way to monitor my thoughts is to monitor my emotions.

My emotions are indicators of what I am thinking.

How to tell if I am in alignment with Source? The amount of Joy that I am feeling is the measure.

Why is it that I know all this, and yet my life is not “perfect”?

The answer is in the degree of consistency I have in focusing on what I want.

It is a tricky thing…focusing on what I want. It is tricky because at times, while I believe I am thinking of what I want, I am really fearful about the lack of having what I want. For example, when I think of being able to walk miles every day until I transition to non-physical, I might really be feeling the fear of being incapacitated before I transition instead of the joy of feeling the wind on my face, the feeling of my legs moving through time and space. SO….whenever the level of my Joy is south of where I’d like it to be….best to examine some of those underlying beliefs and current thoughts again!


My thoughts are greatly influenced by my underlying beliefs. When I am having difficulty maintaining focus on thoughts that make me happy, it is useful to revisit my beliefs. My thoughts create my emotions. My thoughts create my reality. Therefore:

  • My health is determined by my thoughts
  • My abundance is determined by my thoughts
  • My finances are determined by my thoughts
  • My relationships are determined by my thoughts
  • My fitness is determined by my thoughts
  • My youthfulness is determined by my thoughts
  • My home is determined by my thoughts
  • My beauty is determined by my thoughts
  • My flexibility is determined by my thoughts
  • My weight is determined by my thoughts
  • The traffic I encounter (or don't encounter) is determined by my thoughts.
  • The helpfulness and friendliness of people I encounter is determined by my thoughts.

Helpful Thoughts

  • Things always work out for me.
  • Life is filled with wonder and beauty.
  • I always have more than I need to have all that I want.
  • I love my life.
  • I accept the gifts and the guidance of the universe.
  • I have many friends
  • Source dishes up delights each and every day.
  • All change is for the best.
  • I live in an ideal body.
  • My home is beautiful.
  • My metabolism is optimal.
  • My body has infinite intelligence, and maintains ideal health and form.
  • I love everyone, and everyone loves me.
  • Abundance is my inheritance.
  • Health is my inheritance.
  • I find Joy in every moment.


I create my emotions with my thoughts. My emotions are indicators of my connection to Source. If I am unhappy about ANY aspect, it is an indicator that I am thinking in a way my Source would not think.

Unproductive emotions include (but are not limited to) fear, jealousy, rage, anger, depression.

Unproductive emotions exist because of “lazy” focusing.

When I consistently feel Joy, Empowerment, Freedom, Love, Appreciation, Enthusiasm, eagerness, happiness, positive expectation, optimism, hopefulness, life seems to get better and better.

When I consistently feel fear, grief, depression, despair, powerlessness, insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, jealousy, hatred, rage, revenge, anger, discouragement, blame, worry, doubt, my life seems like it just isn't working.

When I feel boredom, pessimism, irritation, frustration, impatience, disappointment, then my life seems to be in limbo.

While the world teaches that in order to be happy, I need to have the things I want, the truth is the opposite. In order to have the things I want, I need to be happy.

There are always reasons to be happy.


The Beatles said it all…Love is all there is.


"The only thing to fear is fear itself" FDR

Fear is on the very bottom of the Emotional Guidance Scale (Abraham) and therefore, is getting a solo section!

Fear can only take hold if I believe that I am a body. I believe that I am a sprit, and immortal spirit, having a physical experience. Death is nothing.

Therefore, what is there to fear?

No one really rejects truth, everyone loves me...and I love everyone.

Bodily harm?
I am not a body, I am free, I am still as God created me. (ACIM)

I would help others, and they would help me.

There is no scarcity

Being alone?
I am never alone - I have never been alone. I have many non-physical guides that are always present to help me.

There is no death. I am immortal.

There is no stream of sickness, only a stream of well being. I allow well being.

Cause and Effect

In the past, I accepted and bought in to the belief that for every effect there is a unique cause. I no longer believe that. The countless associations of causes and effects that I have created and/or believed in are false.

Without exception, the SINGLE cause for EVERY effect is my thoughts.

When I live “unconsciously”, then the vibration I offer is greatly influenced by the circumstances and beliefs that surround me. When this happens, I am living by default, and my experience appears to be created externally.

Things I learned and once believed that are not true

  • It is wrong to ask for things that I want
  • It is wrong to accept things that I want
  • When I take what I want, there is not enough left for others to have what they want
  • Taking what I want is selfish
  • Selfishness is wrong
  • Resources are limited
  • I need to work hard to get ahead
  • The ravages of aging are inevitable
  • Death is tragic
  • Relationships are difficult
  • Communication is difficult
  • I should 'never forget' wrongs done to me
  • Love is difficult
  • Love is painful
  • Life is hard
  • Health is based on heredity and environment
  • Other people can hurt me
  • I must protect myself (physically with gates / locks / police / guns; psychologically with boundries)
  • Doctor's are responsible for healing me
  • In order to lose weight, I need to deprive myself

Why do I no longer believe these things? Because now I believe that the purpose of my life is to be joyful. The basis of my joy is freedom. And, once again….there is ONE cause for EVERY effect….my thoughts.


The Path To Healing

No surprise here. My health is determined by…my alignment with Source, which is determined by MY THOUGHTS.

  • Healing is of the mind...not the body. Thoughts either allow me to flow with ease in the stream of wellbeing, or pull me under to drown in that stream.

How to heal?

Be Happy. Truly happy. Sounds so simple.

When I am happy, I am in alignment with Source. How can I be happy consistently? By focusing on things that make me happy. By finding the best thought I can find in every given moment.

In today’s world, there are so many options to focus on, it appears difficult to focus exclusively on things that make me happy. In truth, difficulty is the result of lazy, or haphazard focusing. It is true that I get what I focus on. So for a life filled with ease and focus will remain on things that inspire, are funny, bring joy, create beauty.

How to be consistently happy?

The easiest way....focus on things that make me happy! When this seems difficult, it might be because I need to remember to:

  • Forgive everyone and everything, including myself. Or better yet...realize that there is nothing to forgive.
  • Live in an allowing state. The universe is poised to give me everything I have ever wanted. Health included. Allow it. How? By being happy to be alive. By being grateful for all that is going well in my body and in my life.
  • Practice tolerance. Remember that I did not come here to force everyone in my world to fit into one mold. I allow others to focus on what they want. I understand that we all came wanting different experiences.
  • Understant that everything that is viewed provides contrast. Once I identify the contrast, and see what I want and what I don't want, the trick is to immediately focus on what I want.
  • Practice fearlessness. What is it that an eternal being has to fear? Eternity is a very long time. This current life experience is but a speck of time. The worst that could happen in this life, according to popular belief, is death. But there is no death. I continue. When this chapter, this scene, comes to an end...there are eternal others for me to experience. When FDR said there is nothing to fear but fear itself, he truly stated an ultimate truth.

Faith Over Fear

So….what do I do when faced with “disaster”? I am practicing Faith over Fear. A friend has cancer? I have cancer? Trump is President? Coal waste is being put in rivers?

What to do?

Enjoy the great moments. Appreciate all that is working well. Re-read my Life According to Me. Revisit my list of shiney things. After all, if we are eternal beings, if death is nothing, if there is only a stream of well being, if each death is a suicide, if there is no time, if life is an illusion, then what is there to fear?

Faith over Fear. My new mantra!

What is Alignment With Source

I guess I would call this the state of Enlightenment. It is the state in which I
am clear and can easily follow the path of least resistance to joy.

I am….

"I am not a body, I am free. For I am still as God created me.*" ACIM

One of the things I have heard along the way is that one should always take great care in what thoughts follow “I am”. These ‘I am’s’ are the ones I choose to believe of me….

  • I am loved.
  • I am guided.
  • I am grateful for the gifts and guidance of the universe.
  • I am healthy and strong.
  • I am wealthy.
  • I am patient.
  • I am kind.
  • I am generous.
  • I am youthful.
  • I am filled with joy.
  • I am flexible.
  • I am curious.
  • I am beautiful.
  • I am flexible.

Helping Others

I can create only in my own experience. I can hope for others that they create wonderful experiences. I can hold them in the highest light. We each have our own source calling to us, answering our every desire. And I help others by remaining focused on hearing what my Source has to say to me. My prayer for myself and for others is that we hear and receive all that Source has for us!

No one else can create in my reality. And I can not create anyone else’s reality.

Final Thoughts

Well, the World According To Me is complete....for now...until I change again...which will likely be a minute from now.

My hope for you is that you write your own Life According to XXXXX, and when you read it that you are pleased with the beliefs you hold dear. If not, my further wish for you is that you rewrite your story!

Until we meet again!


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